"It's A Good Day For A Good Day."

 "Get Out of Bed."

"Tall, Fast Strong!"

"I'm having too much fun!"

"The little things, appreciate them!"

"I did not come with an expiration date."

"Deal with it."

These are not words you would expect to hear from someone who has terminal brain cancer.

But things and people are not always as they seem (another one  of her favorite lines).

I met Eileen a few months back, as she runs (and by runs, I mean RUNS) the condo complex I live in. Was just having a casual conversation with her and she asked me if I ever wanted to teach a yoga class in the complex. I said I absolutely would, but would love to do it for a cause and she asked me "What Cause?" The first one that came to mind was Imerman Angels. Imerman Angels is a fantastic organization linking and connecting cancer fighters, survivors and caregivers. If you are not familiar with Imerman Angels, check them out. Not sure why out of all the organizations I stated this particular one on this day, but I did!

And so happy I did. 
She began to tell me she was an Imerman Angel. 
I asked her what type of cancer she beat. 
She went on to say, she did not beat any cancer, but is fighting the fight. 
Eileen has terminal brain cancer.
My jaw dropped and I guess I made an interesting face
(and she even commented, "you're so funny). 

That little "sidebar" conversation turned into an hour long conversation of me just asking question after question. I am a curious bird :)

One story that resonated with me:
Eileen remembers when she was a little girl she would enjoy donuts with her parents, every Sunday.
The little things.

 When she was diagnosed in March of 2015, she "crashed a little bit" but shared a photo of her coffee cup (coffee is a big love Eileen's) on her Facebook wall that said "Simpler times are better times" and in that moment she realized "hey! my camera didn't break, so I am going to start again."
So now every Sunday, she shares and sprinkles her Sunday cup,  but not just any cup...
her "Happy Sunday" cup.
Note: she does not eat the donuts but she does get creative with her cups and photography!