While we do not need a new year to begin again, it could be a really great start to recenter, re-examine and re-discover.

So a CIRCLE OF SISTERS: a safe and sacred space for reflections, connections, conversations and cheer is being offered to YOU this January and February.

This in-person gathering has been manifested and designed to enhance and inspire deep connections, heartfelt reflections and authentic conversations of sisterhood. This four class series, but eight-week program, will be themed around re-centering, re-examining, re-discovering YOU to live your best year. You will get really clear on how you can grow, heal and transform into your fullest and most beautiful self WHILE alongside other sisters who are all on the same journey as you.

Space is limited and each gathering will be slightly customized, but a few things will always occur over our in-person time together (2 hours):

  • A 60-minute yoga practice breaking down essential yoga postures and introducing some of the more challenging ones

  • A mini bottle of an essential oil to use during the practice

  • Journaling prompts and space for reflections

  • A circle of conversations

This 8 - week series will include:

  • 4 face to face circles where we will yoga, journal, chat, connect and cheer each other on

  • a customized journal for your reflections

  • an inspirational book to help you take the practice deeper

  • a mini essential oil to test and try each time we meet

  • weekly reflections, journaling prompts, and or a meditation straight to your inbox to keep you feeling uplfted, inspired and connected on weeks we do not meet in person.

  • a private Facebook group for online sharing, deeper connection and team cheering!

  • an accountability partner (cheerleader)

Because when we can gather together, connect face to face, listen, support and cheer each other on - this energy is magnetic.

From a community you can be a part of, to lessons and gifts you can feel in your heart, to then share with others --wow!

My goal is to be right there with you to create a life you are 100% connected to and proud to call your very own.


I hope you will join me on this journey.

Write me: katy@sprinklecheer.com to inquire about next start date and the deets!