:: WOW :

Here’s a story of a girl name Katy and a baby named Cameron...⁣

To say these last few months have been shiny, sparkly + peachy keen would be a big, fat (but shiny) lie. It’s been work. Transitions. Obligations. Pressure. Emotional junk from the past boiling to the surface. And when someone says “let go” (myself included) I want to scream — it’s just not that easy. So yes, this work, this life, this path is mine. Nobody else’s. I make choices, but sometimes circumstances come up + it just is...what it is. But my choice to work, practice and remove the blocks to create the space for wholehearted living is underway.⁣

And nephew Cameron? Well, aside from a little hunger pain or poopy diaper, he hasn’t experienced a big BLOCK in his 1 (and some change) year.⁣ He sees the world just as it is. He trusts everyone. He knows love. Laughter is his daily vitamin. He hasn’t experienced heartache, been betrayed or even rejected. He holds no grudges. He says “WOW” a lot.⁣
Nonetheless here we are, on a gloomy Friday afternoon having a little block party. And I’m learning to push my blocks aside — literally + emotionally - and live like him. Starting with today, knowing this is a process, but pure presence + wholehearted living is always my goal. And I’ve got the best role model.⁣

WOW is what I’m saying back to you, Cam.⁣

Are you living a “wow” inspired life? Hope so. Do your work. Practice Daily.