It started with a dream, a concept: a warm, cozy and safe environment in the heart of Autumn, away from the busyness of the city, with a group of women who are open to do a little extra work. Yoga on the mat and yes, yoga off the mat. Yoga to touch the heart, yoga to move the mind.⁣⁣

And came to life this past weekend. 15 light workers open to reflect, connect and get honest with themselves. And I had the PRIVILEGE to lead them. Privilege with a capital P!

RECAPPING WITH IMAGES, FOOTAGES + BOOMERANGS: https://splice.gopro.com/v?id=WdenLo

AND THIS CIRCLE will always be a sacred circle, the first circle of a sisters sharing sprinkles —on and off the yoga mat.


A circle of different shapes, colors, ages and backgrounds, but a circle of the same intent — to connect to the truest, most magical, most vibrant self and live this ONE life on PURPOSE.⁣

A circle that shared many belly laughs, a few vulnerable tears, many stories, daring dreams, nature walks, magazine pages (for vision boarding) and s’mores.⁣
A circle of trust, of connection, of friendship.⁣⁣

A circle that I will always be ooooober grateful for — my first yoga retreat circle. [missin Lizzy + Christine!] ⁣

And I have a feeling there will be more circles down the road, but there will not be anything like this first circle.⁣
Thank you for these rainbow brights (or cheer sprinklers as I’ll call em’) for sprinkling YOUR cheer and allowing me to guide you these past three days.⁣⁣

Not going to talk about circles anymore, but simply stating: GRATEFUL.⁣