I once heard and I oh so believe — angels come to us in feathers, numbers and coins.⁣⁣

⁣⁣And today, during a very spiritual yoga practice with Wade, a feather dropped right on my mat during our opening chant. I looked up. What did it fall from? Where did it come from? I immediate felt a sense of warmth, a sense of ease, deep peace.⁣⁣
This past week, I had a heavy heart as I grieved the loss of a friend, a student, my hairdresser, a KIND human. Taken too soon, CJ Dougherty is one person who will forever live in my heart. She was quiet, but when she was passionate about something — you knew. She was a warrior on the mat and an peace maker off the mat. She wore many hats in the abilities and gifts she embodied, touching many lives. Mine included.⁣⁣
I am not sharing this to receive condolences, but am choosing to share this sign from up above to honor the life of CJ.⁣

Every day we live in choice. Every day is a gift. And as DMB says “life is short, but sweet for certain, so celebrate we will!” Maybe not in that order, but celebrating CJ.⁣ Thank you for this sign, Angel CJ.⁣⁣