Hi Friends!

I felt compelled on #nationaldonutday last week to share what the two words "sprinkle" and "cheer" mean to me. My vision. And because every donut is better with sprinkles, that is where the donut analogy comes in.


The second agreement from one of my favorite books— The Four Agreements.

The first time someone called me “sprinkles” instead of Katy, I was was taken aback. I guess that nickname comes with the territory given my website, insta handles and all that jazz.

But let me be clear: the two words I placed together way back when “SPRINKLE and CHEER” is not about me sprinkling cheer. At all. It’s not about me being super over the top “cheery” every damn day. Yep, I try to keep a positive outlook on life, but some days—well, we all have those days. Life, is grand- but it’s surely not all sprinkles of cheer.

In a nutshell the thinking behind this movement is to recognize that while we all may be different, we all strive for the same thing: joy, love, peace, freedom, light. We are EACH a vital part to this fabric of life.

.And instead of shying away from our gifts, talents + the things that light us up, embrace them, share them, sprinkle them, with you, with others.

Your happy.

Your light.

Your cheer.

It’s not about Katy sprinkling cheer.

A collective force.

A movement.


And the donut? Well think of the sprinkles on the donut as you--all very different from the next. But together, make the donut (the world) a more vibrant place!

We EACH are that little sprinkle in this big donut called—LIFE.

We can each do our part.

Happy Monday, Happy June. Indulge. Treat Yourself. Shine your light.

Sprinkle YOUR cheer.

In Love and Celebration,

Katy...or Sprinkles if you prefer :)